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Drones for rent all through Spain

If you would like to rent a drone, contact us and we will refer you to our nearest client.

As manufacturers, we refer to our clients when a customer is not looking for a new drone but wants a service done with a drone. We have a national wide net of clients habilitated by AESA (Agencia Estatal de Seguridad Aérea) with DroneTools’ equipment, that can offer you:

  • The highest quality service.
  • Drones for rent near you in all the biggest Spanish cities.
  • Availability of cameras and sensores for different uses.
  • Cost saving by using our drone rental services only when needed.


  • Tip: Sub-contracting the service is the easiest way of assessing the different posibilities of drone use for your needs and it might help you decide if purchasing one of our platforms is worth it.

Counselling and training for operating our drones

Our goal is that the end client, who subcontracts drone services from one of our clients, not only gets his or her needs met but also gets counselling regarding the safest, most efficient and cheapest way of carrying out the job. It is for this reason that we conduct afer-sales training courses for future operators. This practical formation is validated according to AESA guidelines.

In this training, our clients learn the general aspects of handling and operation of the equipment. Once done with the course, and after passing an exam, the pilot receives a certificate that proves the practical knowledge for the use of the platform.


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